Bane of My Life

Published: 01/09/2019

Mr Badaxe: The Filth and The Fury - BoML EP 16

Twas a balmy night in July

which spirited us to Coalville and the chaotic promise of The Unholy Messival, number 3.  Sweet sweet Coalville, its secrets remaining undiscovered after about a bazillion visits. Because we go the Vic Inn, directly to the Vic Inn, not passing Go and not collecting £200.  Now such a carnavalia as the Messtival births needs a Ringmaster. In an absurdly goth moment, a bat was disturbed from the eaves of the new permanent outside stage. It flew out (like a bat... hell... etc etc) and round a corner.  This corner then immediately rounded by the man himself. Resplendent in a 99p costume, some sort of horrible builder concoction. It was the first of many that would be gracing the weekend.  

Mr Badaxe, a compere extraordinaire, a provocateur without peer. 


I had some 99p surprises myself and wapped out a couple of budget microphones.  What a catch! The wild-man, in his element, on his home territory. I’ve started to chuck some recording gear in the car for gigs for such opportunities.  More than 50% of the time they’re staying in the bag as i’m busy, right. Sinking pints or indulging in a night long sulk if i have to drive. This was one of those vehicle-laden occasions but this time, that energy was channelled more positively.  Probably best not to dull my senses, a chat with Mr Badaxe kept me firmly on my toes.  

Thirty stolen minutes, an absolute tiddler in BoML terms.  Short on running time but high in…. puerile funny shit of course, what Mr Badaxe serves up in spades.  This guy is busy, 52 weeks a year style busy, up and down the country fronting festivals and gigs. What is compering?  Just introducing the bands right? I’ve a good deal of sympathy for that view. The undeniable difference between someone doing this excellently, and the rest, is the art.  As the man says himself he’s quick with his gob. He also has little or nothing in the way of a filter.  

I think I already knew that Mr B was a famous old rockstar.  Some of his tales hit that dull recognition cortex. Marvel here at his going for a piss with Paul McCartney story.  Unless he’ll led me far far up the garden path in which case that is also fine work. He is definitely a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party though.  I have the evidence here.  


I must take a moment to wax lyrical about the Vic which has been an absolute lighthouse for The Kirkz in the choppy seas of UK venues.  Two stages, indoor and outdoor, a year-round BBQ, amazing T shirts (Whale Oil Beef Hooked) and friendly faces. Good old Weab (Kid Klumsy) had Ian soon in sulk which his righteous vocal-focused mix.  Plus it's bikers bar which is perfect because how in any way are we not Bikers????