Bane of My Life

Published: 23/10/2019

Ep. 17 Liam Revenge - Kultured Rockabilly or Randy Savage?


Ladies and Gentlemen, Camden Town has gone down the shitter!


Where once you may have found The Clash lost in the Supermarket, now you’ve gotta keep watch for The Randy Savages, pouting in the Muesli aisle.  Using more than just lucky charms to be a fresh breath, amongst all the hot air in the Big Smoke.  


The wit & cunning of one Liam Revenge is put through the wringer in BoML episode 17, proving that whilst the knees may be failing, the mind remains sharp.  


Like all esteemed BoML guests Liam used to be much younger and from such humble beginnings as Tim Bevington’s wingman, his rock n roll experiences have seen him slay the stage in two hemispheres. 


Recoil at the temerity of taking up a tour on double bass, having first picked one up mere weeks before  

Gasp as he gives the nation of South Africa the same sort of glowing review an atomic bomb would leave.  

In the here and now he’s laid down some dam roots in the Randy Savages and the budding shrubbery of rock seems to be flourishing.  He gives us some insight into the secrets of band success and massive spoiler, its hard fucking work. Why does it always come down to that…

Still, there's a healthy chance of cross-pond Royal Rumble as another outfit over there sport the same moniker.  This is the third time in BoML history there’s been some shared name action and i will get some of these son-of-a-bitch of doppelgangers to fight if it’s the last thing I do.  Listen on and weep.  



Tunes are provided by The Randy Savages, Yosser & The Hyperjax